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As participants in the program, we may take advantage of creative, fresh opportunities to support our clients in better interacting with their regional clientele. Yelp is one of the biggest review generation sites in the world with over 150 million reviews that have been posted to date. Users can interact with other Yelpers and their favorite companies as well as find events, browse user-generated lists, and publish reviews on Yelp.

Yelp is a truly interesting channel from a marketing perspective since people who use it are frequently evaluating businesses and their options before making a purchase or signing a contract for a service. Users of Yelp are significantly more likely to convert than those of other sites like Facebook or Google. Yelp has a lot of tools and features that can help you grow your business, so it’s important to learn how to use them. This will help you generate high-quality leads.

Why Choose Us?

Our team at CBS has unique access to and knowledge of how to use Yelp’s tools and enhance your company’s business listing to deliver measurable results as an authorized Yelp Premier Partner. The first step is to create a profile that is both user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful while also meeting Yelp’s requirements in order to increase its visibility relative to the competitors.

In order to give your Yelp listing the best chance of appearing at the top of search results, you must fill out all the fields completely, upload pertinent photographs, and use search engine optimization techniques. With our help, you may reach as many people as you can and convert them into consumers by partnering with CBS to create and manage an appealing profile for you. Utilizing Yelp Ads allows businesses to further boost the exposure of their business listing. Business page improvements and Yelp Ads are the two main divisions of these paid choices.

Business owners have the option to pay for extra profile improvements that increase prospects for client engagement and conversion. Business owners can pay to add a Call To Action button to their website for more immediate customer communication, in as well as visual improvements like an improved slideshow and the ability to insert video, and even restrict the visibility of rivals’ adverts.

What are some of the key distinctions between Google PPC and Yelp campaigns?

While Yelp only provides searching display advertisements, Google provides both searching and showcase networks ad campaigns in a range of formats (textual, reactive, picture, multimedia, shopping, video, etc.).

Yelp does offer a Customized Ads tool that allows marketers to select custom wording and as well as choosing which photographs or reviews they want shown, despite the fact that their ad style is more constrained. Additionally, you can decide to highlight key aspects of your business, such as recent sales, and even add a call- to-action button. Before the user even chooses a listing, custom advertising provides you more space in the search engine results and let you stand out from rivals.

When visitors enter pertinent keywords, your adverts will be displayed in the top search results and in your competitors’ Yelp listings to persuade them and choose your company instead. The purpose and characteristics of the client that your ads reach may be the most crucial distinction between Yelp and Google advertising to comprehend. Approximately 5 billion searches are handled daily by Google, the largest search engine in the world, compared to fewer than 200 million monthly active visitors per month for Yelp.

Therefore, Google advertising has the ability to reach a lot more consumers. Quality, however, typically has a higher priority than quantity for the majority of organizations. A roofing company, for instance, would gain more from an advertisement that reached ten people who were in the market for a brand-new roof than from reaching 1,000 people who had no interests in roofing services.

Combine Efforts with A Yelp Exclusive Partner

Being an official Yelp executive partner would allow CBS to take advantage of the platform’s huge potential to provide rising leads that are ready for conversion. Their dedication to creating a distinctive niche in the online industry is demonstrated by their noteworthy efforts to enable entrepreneurs to effectively engage with customers and by their ongoing evolution. Since the beginning of our partnership with Yelp, we have been collaborating with their team to fully understand how we can use our access and expanding knowledge to provide our clients the edge they need in the marketplace.


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