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We have a user-centric approach! .


With design, businesses get to experience a long-lasting impact over an audience that gauges view over value. Design determines views and marketing can generate value above anything else. Nothing convinces people better than a product/service that has a visual story. An we make sure that the story that we create remains true to the roots of your business. As your dedicated Marketing Agency, Corecentrix tracks and researches consumer behavior relating to your business to generate a first-class experience that meet the needs of the user and also aligns with business objectives. Today, there is an incredible range of gadgets, and for each of these, designers must evaluate several design options.

Our design teams work together with our strategy, UX, content, and technical teams to develop an experience that brings the integrated insights gained via research to life. We foster a culture of inquiry and constant input from our designers. Luminary works with customers from a wide range of industries, thus we have a wide range of industry experience when it comes to best design practices. The way Corecentrix design teams work allows our clients to be involved in all aspects of the design process. We believe in numerous touchpoints where the project team refines and tests graphic concepts.

How we do digital Design

Digital Branding

Branding a business usually entails refining the consumer experience with your business. It has to be thorough, communicative, consistent and sustainable.The way our digital experts collaborate, they extend brand guidelines across all digital interfaces which makes visibility and accessibility certain.



Our Design strategies always cater visual performance involving inclusivity and accessibility to maintain a 360 involvement. We follow guidelines with our design solutions for a collective affirmation of your brand.


Responsive web Design

Delivers digital services and products that respond to specific user behaviour and requirements such as screen size, orientation and platform. We adopt a mobile first approach and ensure that the services we design are usable across all instances and scenarios for the people using them.


What we do in Digital Design


Come to us with your brand philosophy and we will visualize it for you in the form of a logo. Make a strong first impression on your audience as well as competitors



Deepen visual understanding better than traditional diagrams with Corecentrix. Animations omit simplified verbiage and visuals that help a better understanding for your business


Video Production

Know your customers and understand that videos are highly adaptive with the audience. Our video production team essentially builds a story for you and your business.


Social Media Page Design

Grab the pace of the market through social media and let us help build the perfect strategy for you

3d design

Rough sketches or 2D designs cannot deliver the depth of design that modern 3D models can. Get control of the details.


UI/UX Design

Typically, UI design follows UX design as the initial step in the product development process. We capture the essence of both into one

We are visionary Creatives for these amazing brands

All it takes is trust and collaboration to successfully determine the visual roadmap that can lead your business to its designated heights. And these brands have put that faith in our company and we have returned some amazing results.


Work with us

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