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Finance Analytics

Monitoring a sales profits, expenditure, and revenue growth. Analysis of income and economic condition planning Budgeting and developing long-term business plans Predicting and control of financial risks

Consumer Analytics

Algorithmic forecasting and study of consumption patterns. segmenting customers to create specialized advertising efforts. customized upselling to increase customer lifetime value. risk management for managing customer turnover and retention.

Goods and Revenue Analytics

Pricing analytics creating pricing strategies. Recognizing and forecasting sales trends Analyzing the performance of a product. Monitoring customer experiences with a good or service

Manufacturing Analytics

Analysis and improvement of equipment efficacy overall.
enhancing the quality of the manufacturing process. schedule for equipment maintenance. forecasting and planning for power use.

Logistics Analytics

Proper maintenance using data analytics Forecasting vehicle demand. Forecasting ideal amounts of fuel required based on driving patterns. Analytics for IoT data

Healthcare Analytics

Care that is resourceful Healthcare insurance fraud detection. Prediction of medical staff workload and optimization of work shifts Medical spatial and equipment utilization optimization

Data Analytics Is Vital For Your Business

Your competing companies are utilizing data for purposes other than documenting. Internet, intelligent systems, and various approaches to strategies for future can help you become “info agile.” By going beyond traditional business intelligence, you’ll be capable of transforming data into useful information that increases key insights, ensures operational efficiencies, and gives you a competitive advantage.

Data Analytics

We provide support for users for Data & Analytics strategies. Service level agreements, marginal assistance, combined offshore/onshore teams, and structures and financial advisory are all part of this. We’ll bring in the right skill, tailored to your specific needs.

Intelligence Making
our Business Flourish

Users can go far beyond with well-designed modelling solutions. Corecentrix Business Solutions will link business processes and tools to create a strong knowledge- rich experience. Our knowledge of Power BI and Tableau will assist you in delivering actionable enterprise-level insights throughout your organization.

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