Cyber Security

CBS affiliates have experience ranging from the executive suite to the data center. We help you build effective solutions, enforce them, monitor ongoing risks, and quickly respond to cyber incidents in addition to evaluating your cyber security and affiliating it with your business priorities. So, no matter where you are on your cyber security path, CBS can help you get there.

Cyber Strategy

With our cyber strategy, we make you turn your cyber risks to competing advantages.

Capitalize possibilities, adapt quickly, shift threats and legislation, and reshape more quickly.

We treat cyber an adaptive strategy geared toward your company’s objectives not as one-time effort.

CBS understands how to apply renowned security practices — as well as build new that are fit for purpose — as a largest supplier and executor of cyber security. Our unique idea to cyber security extends to how we deliver our services, so you can plan on working with extraordinary people that understand your business and technology no matter how you participate with us.

Unique Approach

Cloud Cyber Security

Cloud cyber security and adaptability techniques to assist you with cloud transformation, hybrid cloud model transformation, and cloud security provider management.

Enterprise Cyber Security

Our prefabricated cloud technologies will greatly speed up the implementation of security transformation initiatives like authentication and security operations.

Building a trustworthy digital world around each other

CBS can assist you in anticipating the future, moving more quickly, and gaining an advantage with reliable and secure technology whether you are entering a new industry, introducing commodities, or communicating with customers in a unique way. That’s because we have a unique blend of technology know-how, in-depth business experience, and creative people who are driven to support you in protecting and expanding your company.

Smart Cyber Security

Providing younger generation with the cyber literacy development they need to traverse the digital world safely.


By disseminating the results of our forums, working groups, research, and other insights, we empower members.


Cyber Security Assessments are used to assess the sophistication of your information security program and identify issues, weak points, and areas for improvement. Utilize our cybersecurity services to identify business risks.

Virtual CISO

For incident management, accountability, and the most recent advanced threat to
tackle information security issues and implement practical mitigation methods, the
virtual CISO offers you a broad range of experience.

Security Awareness Education

Security Awareness Education reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s employees and empowers them to fight cyber criminals. Our cybersecurity services keep your users one step ahead of your adversaries.


Effective security begins with a clear awareness of your vulnerabilities. Network penetration and spoofing aids you discover risks. Cybersecurity dangers are protected from via penetration testing and phishing evaluation.

Strategic Alliance

CBS has formed strong alliances with many of the nation’s top technology firms, data sciences, and services.
CBS offers Knowledge and Cyber Security Strategic plan and Design services to help you improve your security posture. Our Cybersecurity Services protect your business from risks and enhance your cyber defenses. We provide the detailed data and cyber security services.

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