Forensic Accounting

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Spectacular Solutions for Forensic Accounting

Assistance for Suing And Forensic Audit

Specialized forensic accountants and economists make up our team at Forensic Accounting and Business Resolving Disputes. We support the quantification of damage or economic risk across all market segments and legal frameworks. We assist our customers throughout the dispute resolution process.


Cutting-Edge Forensic Technology

Our team of forensic technology experts, who also handle datasets and prosecutions, is at the frontline of offering these services. In order to give technological support and assistance to investigations, lawsuits, and arbitrations abroad, they integrate a plethora of information and technology experience.



A variety of investigative, wealth, and accounts receivable services are offered by our team specialized in economic fraud and fraudulent investigations. We will work with you to establish responsibility, track down missing property, and lessen the effects of financial and commercial criminality.


Specialized Experts

In hundreds of cases, our legal experts have offered their professional judgments on liability or severity. They are assisted by a group of experts who integrate forensic accounting, auditing, and business knowledge. We can serve as forensic experts or even provide counsel for your business.


We Serve You With All Forensic Accounting!

Frauds Committed by Employees

Our firm’s largest practice area, with years of experience looking into these cases, is fraud committed by employees. We collaborate closely with the legal team of the victim organization to offer lawsuit preparation and case managerial skills.

Investigations for Frauds

Remaining unbiased is essential in any inquiry, whether it’s a claimed or real one. To avoid coming to the wrong conclusion, which almost always has permanent implications, we try to elucidate every plausible reason for committed crime.


Support for Lawsuit

Forensic accountants can be a huge help to attorneys, from record requests to
expert evidence. In many instances, our expertise is used to help attorneys
construct documentation requests, and no more engagement was required.

Inheritance Issues

Judges and counsel are familiar to us from the Probate Court. Our findings have backed up or disproved allegations of fraud, theft, and misappropriation, some of which have given rise to criminal or civil lawsuits for restitution.

Marital Matters

By offering an independent study of both parties’ financial statements, forensic accountants can add value to these cases. These engagements aim to make sure that both parties provide as thorough and accurate a financial disclosure.


Compliance and Fraudulent Mitigation

By objectively assessing your current infrastructure of internal controls, monetary policies, and accounting practices, we can proactively help your firm. Our experience covers small- and medium-sized healthcare, as well as enterprises.


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