Reshape your business processes by adding planning, functionality, and company with the assistance of a customer relationship management solution designed to take your business connections to the next level.

Streamline Customer

Get rapid access to contact details via many methods, including live chat, email, and social media. Track the accounts of individual clients and the entire business.

Instead of using paperwork, use electronic invoices. To stay on top of your bills, generate invoicing straight from your CRM and indicate the payment status.

Tasks can be designated to one or more members of the group. Alerts are sent to them instantaneously, informing them of their newly assigned specific task.

Our CRM Accommodates Business Productivity On Time Scheduling

On Time Scheduling

Schedule appointments for your clients that can be postponed or rescinded as needed. Define your availability and reliability, assign the correct personnel and provide the task sheets required to mark the task as completed.


You can easily create a catalogue of your services and products using CBS accurate CRM fitting your business. Specify each service, specify its availability times and dates, and designate staff members to manage and provide it.

Interactional Subscriptions

Offer the correct thing to the right person at the right moment. You may create subscription services that your customers won’t be able to resist integrated CBS CRM and have complete knowledge of every customer’s journey.

Customize Potential Customer

Use emails to keep prospects interested right away. Send out invitations to potential customers to stop by your trade fair booth after saving email templates. You can set up follow-up emails after the event and reminder emails before it.

Automatic Call Recordings

CRM developed at CBS will help you out in recording call records conveniently and efficiently. Each call you place or receive is immediately recorded in CRM, along with the call’s timeframe, call remarks, follow-up tasks, and call transcripts.

Increased Revenue From Campaigns

CBS design CRM to increase your revenue by combining your Google Ads going to spend with your sales figures will help you identify which advertisements, ad campaigns, or keyword phrases are assisting you in converting leads into customers.

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