What is Video editing?

Video editing is directing and rearranging video clips into a new video. Video editing also includes adding captions, subtitles, colour correction, creating transitions between clips, adding sound effects or video effects. Many professional agencies provide video editing services. Video editing is part of the post-production of a clip or video

Why is Animaker the best choice for video editing? 

All the spectacular Hollywood movies you watch, with amazing car chases, dragons and sceneries are all the magic of video editing. Animaker is experienced in providing top quality video editing to their clients. We deal in all sorts of video editing including; Fiverr video editing, wedding video editing, YouTube video editing. Perfection and amazing video editing skills is our thing. We have professional video editors who have specialized in video editing to perform our client’s tasks with perfection. 

video editing is not the task everyone can perform, our team has experience and specialization in the field of video editing. Animaker media is a top video editing company in Pakistan currently operating in Lahore. We will connect you with our finest animators and expert video editors, who will redesign your videos innovatively making them as attractive as possible. 

Types of video editing.

There are a few video editing techniques by video editing companies and experts which are used for inserting different editions to a video. Some of the techniques are: 

  1. Linear Video Editing, is copying video clips from one videotape to a new one in a particular sequence. 
  2. Non-linear Video Editing is done using a specialised computer and editing software called NLEs.
  3. Offline Editing, is making a copy of raw video footage and reducing it into a smaller resolution. 
  4. Online Editing, the editor works with the raw footage to adjust, insert or delete clips. 
  5. Assemble Editing, is playing together a raw video, putting together a series of video clips without any transitions between them. 
  6. Insert Editing, it is adding more video clips to the original video. 

Just these there are several more types of video editing, which are used by video editing experts.


What are the goals of editing a video?

There are various reasons why we might need to edit our videos, the editing depends on the particular editing goals of the client. Some of the editing goals are listed below:

  1. Remove unwanted footage.
  2. Choose the best shots from a video.
  3. Creating a flow so the video doesn’t appear to be unclear, putting the clips together in order.
  4. Add effects, graphics, sound, music to the video.
  5. Edit the speed, style and mood of the video.
  6. Give the video a point to be viewed from, for the watchers to understand the message better. 
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