WHAT IS Graphic designing

Graphic designing is the technique of creating and planning ideas to communicate one’s message. It is showcasing your ideas through visualization and textual content. These visuals could be as minor as a company logo or a lengthy webpage layout. It connects the buyer with the seller, gives the message explaining what the project, product, company, event is about. Many graphic designing companies deal in graphically designing campaigns, advertisements, logos, etc. 

Why is Animaker a great option? 

Animaker media is operating as a graphic designing agency in Pakistan, currently operating in Lahore.

We have specialised and professional graphic designers who understand the importance of how a poster or a banner or even a logo helps in attracting customers or an audience. Our dedicated designers are hardworking and hold the talent of designing every campaign with passion and innovation. We have all the incredible brains, storming under our graphic designing company roof.

We offer a variety of graphic designing services, from designing web pages to designing creative logos for companies.

We have been operating in the market for a long time and have the needed experience and hands in the field. 


What is graphic designing used for?

Graphics designing is everywhere, if you take a look around yourself you’ll find many applications of graphic designing. From the potato chips wrapper to Facebook advertisements you scroll through are all products of graphic designing made by graphic designing experts. 

A few graphic designing uses are: 

  1. Signage 
  2. Corporate identity
  3. Packaging 
  4. Album covers
  5. Cards
  6. Banners
  7. Facebook advertisements 
  8. Film titles


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