What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the procedure of writing, planning and making changes in text mainly for websites or web pages. Content writing includes writing small blog posts, huge word limit articles, recipes, how-tos, guides, etc for specific platforms, such as magazines, online stores, Twitter, Reddit, Medium. Content writing is a huge platform where thousands of writers are ready to write for you your desired content for a sum of money. Content writing is more complicated than we think it is, all the YouTube scripts, formal emails, letters, keynote speeches and video scripts are written by expert content writers. To put it straight content writing is the core of every content that is published. 


What is Academic Writing? 

Academic writing is a formal essay or assignment,  assigned to students from colleges and universities. A great number of students who are overwhelmed by their daily tasks and study routines, or the ones who forget to complete their assignments on time pay a sum of money to academic writers to complete their tasks on a given deadline. It is a complicated style of writing and the writer should be experienced and should have the knowledge to write these assignments. Different types of academic writing include thesis, essay, academic journal article, bibliography, research paper, etc. 

Why is Animaker a great choice? 

Animaker media has been working in the field of providing content writing services and academic writing services for quite some time. We have experienced writers who are aware of the requirements of a text and the impact a text has on its readers. We have great minds who produce exceptional content for our clients. Be it SEO content writing, a script or a lengthy essay, our website content writers are up to the mark in producing the best piece of content. 

We are a content writing company in Pakistan, currently operating in Lahore. We specialise in website content writing. Moreover, we provide SEO copywriting services, SEO content writing, academic writing, blog posts and articles. 

Feel free to contact us, Animaker is your go-to content writing agency. 



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